What’s the Use of Repetition?

repetition-is-the-mother-of-learning-the-father-of-action-which-makes-it-the-architect-of-quote-1What’s the use of repetition you may ask?

Earlier in my career being asked to repeat myself sometimes irritated me, but I realize now, (as per usual, years later) that repetition is an essential tool to learning, noticing and enhancing what we already know.

Over the past weekend, I watched the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family for like the nteenth time. Let’s just say I’ve seen these movies a lot, far more times than I have read the books and I have read all of those a bunch of times too and as I was watching each movie I saw things I never noticed before.

Then I wondered if I had seen them before, but just forgot I had and now I’m recognizing them all over again for the first time. (more…)

It’s Time to Recognize all that is Good in Education

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 12.44.55 PM.pngIf there is one teacher in a system that has an affair with his/her student, it gets reported on.

When 1 in some random huge amount perpetrates a scandal, it gets recognized and publicized.

If one didn’t know better, one would say that the media and government want the world to think ill of teachers, or why else would there be such a focus on the few who do bad things. (more…)

Teachers, Make Classroom Learning an Experience

recite-18734-858925616-1sacpps.pngIf you’re a pirate teacher, then you already know that making learning an experience is sure to lead to deeper learning.

As teachers, it must be our goal to empower students to really embrace their own learning experiences by offering them opportunities to immerse themselves in the content while practicing the necessary skills.

My classroom was #eduawesome.

Because I’ve done this project before (revising and tweaking each year), it has become a real exciting prospect to see what students do with what their given.

In our first attempt to shift from “what to how,” exploring author’s craft, my students were asked to rewrite a chapter of Animal Farm by George Orwell. (more…)

The Art of Procrastination

Ragdoodles-Relatable-Meme-Comic-Cartoon-Tomorrow-noun-a-mystical-land-where-99-percent-of-all-human-productivity-motivation-and-achievement-is-storedThe subtle flirtation and bat of an eye as I stare down the clock and my computer, eagerly seeking out other more enticing things to do.

But time mocks me and reminds me that with or without me its train is leaving the station.

Although I’m certain if I run fast enough at the last minute, I will catch it in time and it won’t matter that I took just a few extra seconds on my whimsical flirtation.

As you may have guessed, summer and free time are wreaking havoc on my focus today. Deadlines have been set and I must adhere, but I keep hoping that burst of inspiration will come.  (more…)

5 things I’ve learned so far this summer

IMG_9375.JPGSchool ended and the first quarter of the summer has been a blur, an absolute distortion of reality.

My day to day routine has been uprooted and replaced by daily changes that are anything but “normal”.

As a person who generally thrives on knowing what is to come like children in need of consistency and predictability, it has been a whirlwind of chance and opportunity.

In that haze of summer heat and travel, I’ve been able to learn a few things.

Here are a few of my so-far summer takeaways: (more…)

Why not treat a teacher like a rock star?

IMG_9691.JPGI’ve never been to a conference where I have been treated like I matter this much. ECET2 was a tremendous learning experience that truly lived up to its name “Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers”.

In my 3 days in Seattle, I mingled with amazing educators, learned from those educators and participated in growing our profession in meaningful ways like networking and sharing best practices.

Whether through colleague circles where we sought to solve problems or listening to Melinda Gates speak about the importance of reading, every moment in Seattle was where I was supposed to be.


Why Schools Need Google Drive

IMG_6913.JPGStudents are scattered around the room in groups of 3 or 4 with laptops perched before them.  Purposefully they mine through each other’s drafts looking for specific elements to provide appropriate feedback directly on the computer.

If you read my blogs regularly, I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend.

Regardless of age, my classes are always engaged in empowering activities that encourage students to be in control of their learning and technology plays a big role in how I’m able to do this.

Since we’ve started using Google Drive, students have been able to work more efficiently with no fear of losing their materials or forgetting to bring a thumb drive.

Remember “I left it at home.” or “It’s saved on my computer.” or “My printer ran out of ink?”  (more…)